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What is a diagnostic fee?

•A diagnostic fee is something that is required for a technician to come out and troubleshoot the appliance. It ensures that even if the customer does not decide to go ahead with the repair that the technician travel time and expertise required to correctly diagnose the unit are taken into account and appreciated. There are no companies out there that offer “Free Diagnostics” It may appear so initially due to clever wording, however, when you read between the lines, you will clearly understand that diagnostics are free with any repair. That is how it works! 

Our diagnostic Fee…

We offer the lowest diagnostic fee for all major residential appliance of $55 including:

•Oven, stoves, refrigerators, waters, dryers, Ranges, hood,  and garbage disposals.

We offer the lowest diagnostic fee of $69.95 for specific units including:

•Microwaves and dishwashers.

Please inquire over the phone when scheduling your appointment about which current discounts may apply to you.

Terms and. Conditions:

(Take terms out of invoice back)

•Discounts may not be combined. If a discount is applied to your repair, that is the only one that applies.

•The customer is always liable for the diagnostic fee when a technician comes out troubleshoots the appliance. There are no exceptions. When a repair is confirmed and completed, the diagnostic fee is then applied towards the final amount.

•Ultimately the final cost of a repair is completely at the discretion of the technician. He analyzes the complexity of the job, parts needed, and assistance he may require from a second technician such as with repair of stackable units. 

•Our prices are the same for everyone regardless of their race, location, or orientation. However, some discounts may apply specifically to seniors, military personnel, or loyal customers. We can guarantee that there is no bias when it comes to providing you with the most cost-effective, fair pricing available out there in the home services market.

Commercial appliances:

•When it comes to commercial appliances prices vary. When scheduling your diagnostic appointment please make sure you inquire on whether we service that particular brand and model, and what the diagnostic fee will entail. The final repair again is at the full discretion of the technician. He is the expert and has the final say when providing you with the estimate. 

•Over the phone, estimates are not given for commercial appliances.