Perlick HP24TS41L2MBW

HP24TS-4-1L-2MBW 24″ Mobile Beer & Wine Dispenser with Two-Faucet Draft Arm, Casters, Forced-Air Refrigeration and Door Lock in Stainless Steel

Perlick HP24TS41L2MBW Overview

The HP24TS-2MBW 24″ Mobile Beer & Wine Dispenser from Perlick comes with Two-Faucet Draft Arm, Casters, Forced-Air Refrigeration and Door Lock.


Two-Faucet Draft Arm
Two-faucet draft arm dispenses the following combinations of beverages: nitro and coffee or wine; beer and wine; two varieties of wine; or two varieties of beer

Kit includes a 24” refrigeration unit, two-faucet draft arm, all dispensing equipment, and casters for ease of mobility

Quick Disconnect Kegs
Quick disconnect kegs included with HP24TS-4-1L-2MNC

Forced-Air Refrigeration
Quiet, forced-air refrigeration technology ensures consistent temperature throughout the entire keg and tower, maintaining flavor and minimizing foam

Durable and Reliable System
Superior dispensing equipment paired with premium, commercial-grade refrigeration offers the ultimate combination for a durable and reliable system you can trust to deliver the perfect pour

Lo-Boy Couplers
Includes two lo-boy couplers (HP24TS-4-1L-2MNC includes one coupler and two sets of quick disconnects with kegs)

Large, easy-to-move casters offer flexibility, letting you take the party to your favorite home entertainment space, indoors or out

Door Lock
Locking refrigeration door prevents tampering with components and beverages inside the unit



Perlick HP24TS41L2MBW Beer Dispenser Stainless Steel, 1
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