11 Amazing Things To Do For A Better Mood

Written by Julia @ AtoZ Dispatch

These days people are going through a lot of stress, however, what is happening is not their fault and it will pass. What they can do instead is to feel better. Here are some things to try when you can’t go out to eat and even your internet is slow. 
  1. Light candles and read books. Beautiful and soothing
  2. Play board games. Time flies when these little sets keep the whole family busy!
  3. Spend time with pets. They miss us when we are at work or school every day so take some time to give them more attention
  4. Learn a new recipe. We know most people bought a lot of groceries. Try to experiment or use one of those websites and apps that will suggest a recipe based on the ingredients you have.
  5. Clean and rearrange the house. Get all the junk out of your way and breathe happily ever after
  6. Grow a garden. A little new project won’t hurt if you have space.
  7. Paint. Your don’t have to be good at it. Ot try a coloring book.
  8. Write and compose. Try a blog or a diary to calm your nerves or even write a bio – everyone’s life is interesting, just need to learn how to narrate it.
  9. Reconnect with friends and family. Don’t gather in large groups, just surprise a former classmate or distant relative with a call.
  10. Sing and dance like nobody’s watching. Or just exercise.
  11. Go outside at night and look at the stars. Dream big!
  12. Find the grammar mistakes on this page and send us a list of them and we’ll take off $30 toward your next refrigerator repair/service.