The global spread of COVID-19 is affecting every one of us. None of our personal (servicing Los Angeles) have traveled outside of the county in the last month and have not exhibited any symptoms of COVID-19.

In Our Office

In all of our offices, we are moving to flexible work arrangements. That means team members should work remotely if their job allows, and those whose work requires them to be on-site should follow guidance to maximize interpersonal space. Extensive, deep cleaning will continue at all locations. All of our hourly workers will continue to receive pay in alignment with the business as usual operations

For Our Customers and Partners

We know our customers depend on AtoZ services all the time, and especially in times like these. We’re bringing the same reliability and passion for meeting this challenge that we do in everything else we undertake.


(written in partnership with NBCUniversal Construction) 


At AtoZ, we have ensured our team meets the following characteristics.



  • Has not returned from any country outside of the US within the last 14 days


  • – Has not had close contact with, or cared for, someone either (i) diagnosed with COVID-19, (ii) exposed toCOVID-19, or (iii) exhibiting similar flu-like symptoms within the last 14 days


  • – Has not experienced any cold or flu-like symptoms in the last 14 days, including fever, cough, sore throat, respiratory illness, or difficulty breathing


  • Workers must cover their mouth and nose with a flexed elbow or tissue when sneezing or coughing – they must throw the tissue away immediately and wash their hands as above.


  • When workers are away from sinks, they must regularly clean their hands with a hand sanitizer of at least 60%alcohol.


  • Proper handwashing prevents the spread of illness. All workers must have access to sinks with hot water and soap, and wash hands frequently for at least 20 seconds.


  • Work areas must be regularly wiped down and disinfected.


  • Workers must maintain at least 6 feet of separation from each other, along with other people they encounter in the work environment. If work cannot be performed while keeping safe social distancing, the Contractor shall halt all such work and notify the customer/contractor immediately.