Cafe CXE22DP3PD1 Overview

This 4-Door French Door Refrigerator from Cafe offers 12.68 cu. ft. of refrigerator capacity, 6.73 cu. ft. of freezer capacity and 2.92 cu. ft. of convertible drawer capacity. The Energy Star rated refrigerator features LED lighting, hands-free auto fill and counter depth design.


Counter Depth Design 
Get a built-in look in the kitchen with a counter depth refrigerator that fits almost flush with the rest of the cabinets and counters

Convertible Drawer with Soft Freeze
Experience the flexibility of an adjustable temperature drawer with five customized temperature settings – Soft Freeze, Meat, Beverage, Snacks, and Wine – that range from 23 to 42 degrees

LED Lighting 
Quickly find even the smallest refrigerated items with the help on an LED light wall, which sheds bright, uniform light throughout the interior of this refrigerator with LED lighting

Hands-Free Autofill
A hands-free AutoFill feature dispenses the perfect amount of filtered water as you multitask

Keep your leafy greens twice as long* 
A Humidity Control System provides an environment for leafy green vegetables to last 2-1/2 times longer than standard vegetables drawers. (*Based on internal testing vs. similar size vegetable drawers with humidity controls from a leading competitor.)

Built-In WiFi
Receive refrigerator alerts to a smart device and enable a range of features on this smart refrigerator, thanks to built-in WiFi powered by SmartHQ app

Flatbread Freezer Compartment
Use the slim, full-width freezer compartment for flatbread, pizzas and other uniquely shaped frozen items, which is part of a three-level, freezer storage system of sliding shelves and trays

Turbo Cool & Freeze
Quickly cool down the refrigerator with the Turbo Cool Setting, which is accessible through the SmartHQ app

This dual evaporator refrigerator features TwinChill™ evaporator climate zones in the fresh food and freezer sections, which help keep food at optimum freshness

In-the-Door Ice Maker
This refrigerator with inthe-door ice maker produces ice on demand and provides more interior storage space

Integrated Dispenser with Sensor
The integrated dispenser blends in with the refrigerator when not in use and, thanks to its refrigerator dispenser sensor system, automatically illuminates when you’re close by and ready to use it

Fingerprint Resistant Finish 
Keep your refrigerator looking clean and chic with a fingerprint-resistant exterior that lets you wipe away smudges with ease

Stunning Aesthetics
The counter depth refrigerator with gray interior and signature Café copper accents complements the LED light wall for stunning style inside and out

Advanced Water Filtration 
A refrigerator with advanced water filtration, it produces clean, safe drinking water and ice, and removes 98% of certain pharmaceuticals. (Removes 98% of ibuprofen, atenolol, fluoxetine, progesterone and trimethoprim.)

Enhanced Shabbos Mode
The Shabbos Keeper connects to your refrigerator to automatically enable Shabbos compatible modes each week and before every holiday (Shabbos Keeper sold separately, visit www. for details)


Cafe Customizable Professional Collection CXE22DP3PD1 French Door Refrigerator Black, 1

Warranty listed is the manufactures warranty.