Bosch Benchmark B36BT830NS Overview

The B36BT830NS Bosch Benchmark 36″ Built In French Door Bottom-Freezer features dual evaporators, where refrigerator and freezer compartments are kept completely separate, so there’s no flavor and odor transfer. The Optiflex Hinges are designed to open out and away from cabinetry. The bright all LED lighting shines throughout the entire interior. Pre-Assembled package includes flat stainless steel panels and Bosch Handles.


Dual Evaporators
No one wants their ice cream tasting like fish. With innovative Bosch technology, which has a separate evaporator for the refrigerator and freezer, this isn’t a problem. Dual evaporators prevent transfer of flavors and optimize humidity

Ice Maker
A factory-installed ice maker keeps plenty of ice on hand. Plus, water is filtered to ensure perfectly fresh ice

SuperCool and SuperFreeze
Special Supercool and SuperFreeze functions can rapidly lower temperatures in both the fresh food and freezer sections of the refrigerator if temperatures have risen too high due to the door being kept open

ENERGY STAR rated products exceed federal guidelines for efficiency, meaning they’re not only environmentally friendly, they’ll also save you a small fortune in operating costs

Adjustable Glass Shelving
Provide superb flexibility within the refrigerator section

Humidity Controlled Crisper Drawer
Provides the ideal storage conditions for fresh produce for maximum preservation

OptiFlex Hinge
Optiflex Hinges are designed to open out and away from cabinetry. It’s an ingenious hinge construction that allows doors to be mounted flush, yet open to a full 115°, without touching or marring surrounding cabinets

All-LED Sidewall
Thoroughly illuminates the entire interior of the refrigerator so that it’s easy to find what you’re looking for quickly

Carbon Air Filter
Reduces odors and keeps air clean and fresh for a more hygienic interior

Door Open Alarm
Lets you know when the door has been left open for an extended period of time to ensure food freshness and save you money

Bosch Benchmark B36BT830NS French Door Refrigerator Stainless Steel, 1

Warranty listed is the manufactures warranty.