Fhiaba BI36BROT

Brilliance Series 36 Inch Counter Depth Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with 19.3 cu. ft. Total Capacity, 4.8 cu. ft. Freezer Capacity, 3 Glass Shelves, Crisper Drawer, Right Hinge, Automatic Defrost, Adjustable Glass Shelves, Door Storage, TriPro Refrigeration, ProVent, TotalNoFrost, TriMode, Fhiaba TFT Display Full Colour in Panel Ready

Fhiaba BI36BROT Overview

This Fhiaba 36″ refrigerator offers 19.3 cu. ft. of capacity with 3 glass shelves and 3 door shelves for convenient storage, that is illuminated by LED lighting when the door is opened. The TotalNoFrost feature eliminates the need for defrosting, the TriPro refrigeration system ensures optimum preservation conditions through correct temperature and humidity levels, while the TriMode drawer allows you to switch between refrigeration, freezer or chiller settings, providing versatile use to suit your needs.


Brilliance Series
The new Brilliance series presents white painted aluminum interior walls that in combination with the powerful LED lighting system, creates a striking effect and a particularly bright and brilliant interior. Available in widths of 90, 75 and 60 cm, all Brilliance units come equipped with a new repositionable glass shelf system and adjustable balconies on a unique rack design.

Fhiaba TFT Display Full Colour
The new electronic technology that manages and monitors the entire fridge operation process is simple to use. Fridge, fresh food compartment and drawer temperatures are shown on the digital display, together with date and time displayed by the Real-Time Clock system. The interactive Fhiaba menu allows the user to easily select the many available functions and to customise the functions of the fridge according to their needs.

TriPro Refrigeration
Maximum freshness is guaranteed when each food product is preserved at the correct temperature and humidity levels. Such is the philosophy behind the TriPro Refrigeration system that ensures optimum preservation conditions thanks to the efficient separation of the Fridge, Fresco and Freezer compartments. Two cutting-edge compressors and three evaporators ensure continuous operation, maximum silence and energy savings.

Correct food preservation conditions and maximum energetic functionality are guaranteed also by the ProVent ventilation system, which provides even distribution of cold air by laterally circulating the airflow. It is therefore possible to maintain a uniform temperature throughout the compartments, allowing better food preservation conditions.

Fhiaba’s TotalNoFrost is a 100% automatic system that eliminates the need for Fridge, Fresco and Freezer defrosting.

Fridge, Fresco or Freezer: simply select the desired function through FhiabaAccess menu to modify the operating mode of the bottom-drawer. A versatile TriMode function allows for an extremely flexible management of the preservation environments, particularly when more units are installed. 

Equilance is the dual-movement hinge which combines technical innovation and design. It is protected by international patent like all Fhiaba original solutions.The self-balancing movement guarantees stability and resistance to infinite openings and above all allows for integrated, flush installation of all of Fhiaba’s models.

OptiView lighting system uses modern LED technology to ensure an optimal view of the interiors. Two LED arrays light the refrigerator compartment from above, while individual spot lights illuminatedirectly distinct areas of the fridge compartment, Fresco and TriMode drawers.

Other Features

  • 3 glass shelves
  • 3 door shelves
  • 1 TriMode bottom-drawer
  • 1 Low Temp drawer
  • LED lighting
  • 1 large TriMode drawer
  • 1 inner TriMode drawer

Fhiaba Brilliance BI36BROT Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Panel Ready, 1
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