Appliances in Horror Movies

Appliances in Horror Movies

In hot California fall is many people’s favorite season. Even though leaves barely turn yellow we want to feel the magical and adorably grotesque Halloween spirit. Here, at A to Z Appliance Services we not only provide repairs but also celebrate and have a good time! We have compiled scary movie scenes that, in one way or another, feature our favorite home appliances.

Urban Legend (1998) – MICROWAVE
How well do you know popular spooky tales?

Drew Daywalt (2010) short film – WASHING MACHINE
Things that await you in a laundromat late at night.

Case 39 (2009) – OVEN
A social worker takes over a case of child abuse and neglect. She is able to save the little girl from a horrible death. But why would parents want to kill their own child? Watch the movie to find out!

Final destination 2 (2003) – GARBAGE DISPOSAL
An arrogant, not very bright guy wins a lottery. He is enjoying his life now. What happens to all arrogant, not very bright people in horror movies? Well, there you go.

1408 (2007) – REFRIGERATOR
How far would you go out of desperation if you were trapped inside a hotel room indefinitely?

Halloween H20 (1998) – GARBAGE DISPOSAL
A gorgeous strong woman (Jamie Lee Curtis) begs her son not to take part in any Halloween celebrations as she has suffered a lot once and feels like her family is still in danger. Of course, teenagers don’t listen to their parents and throw a nice little party. See what happens next.

Scream (1996) – STOVE
A teen classic! You already know what’s gonna happen but you will still watch it.

At A to Z we proud ourselves at being experts at high end appliance products from Sub Zero, Viking, Thermador and many more. However, no matter what horrors your device brings will be there for you to live through it and survive. Thank you for being our loyal customers and Happy Halloween!