AccuCold ARG12PVDR Overview

The Accucold Compact Vaccine Refrigerator is purpose-built for pharmacy, medication, and vaccine applications to support meeting CDC/VFC guidelines. The refrigerator also features full-extension ventilated drawers, temperature alarm, access port, password protection and factory-installed lock.


Purpose-Built Design
Designed and purpose-built for pharmacy, medication, and vaccine applications to support meeting CDC/VFC guidelines

+/-1ºC Variation
The published temperature variation is derived from the maximum deviation of an NTC sensor in a 1 oz. vial located nearest the chamber geometric center during a 24 hour test period

Antimicrobial Silver Ion-Coated Handle
Powder-coated handle with naturally occurring silver ions to help reduce the spread of germs

Adjustable Temperature
Intuitive controls let you adjust the interior temperature between +2 to +8ºC

Full-Extension Ventilated Drawers
Six drawers made from powder-coated aluminum glide out smoothly for convenient storage, with perforated bottoms to ensure proper air circulation

Removable Drawers
Drawers can be easily removed for convenient transporting of contents to a lab counter or work station

Temperature Alarm
Visual and audible alarms alert if the interior temperature rises or falls out of set range

Remote Alarm Contacts
Electronic controller is equipped with a volt-free contact for alarm forwarding to an external remote system (contacts located in the external rear of the unit)

Automatic Defrost with Adjustable Cycle Defrost
Adjustable cycle defrost operation ensures the unit avoid temperature spikes and ice buildup

Access Port
Includes a pre-installed 1/2″ probe hole in the right interior wall to allow easier connection to user-provided monitoring equipment

Open Door Alarm
Alarm will sound if the door is left ajar for over 4 minutes (adjustable from 1-99 minutes)

Audible Power Failure Alarm
Battery-powered alarm sounds if the power connection is interrupted

Sensor Failure Alarm
Audible and visual alarm warns if the sensor is disrupted

Password Protection
Control panel requires password entry to adjust the parameters beyond the set point

Microprocessor Control Panel
Digital controls with a large LED readout in Celsius or Fahrenheit for intuitive temperature management

Resettable Min/Max Display
Control panel provides a readout of the low and high temperatures in 15 minute increments

Factory-Installed Lock
Keyed lock conveniently located towards the top of the door for added security (2 keys included)

Durable Interior
Walls are constructed from white powder coated metal for added strength and improved temperature retention

Interior Light
Energy efficient LED lighting with internal on/off switch

Double Pane Tempered Glass Door
Provides a full display of stored contents

Reversible Door
User-reversible door swing for added flexibility

Magnetic Door Gasket
Quality door gaskets ensure a tight seal for energy savings and improved performance

Extended Warranty
2 years parts and labor/5 years compressor

Using environmentally friendly hydrocarbons refrigerants for a greener footprint

Usage Stickers
Ships with removable warning stickers for “DO NOT UNPLUG,” “DO NOT ADJUST TEMPERATURE,” and “DO NOT STORE PERSONAL ITEMS”

Versatile Design
Compatible with Pyxis®, Omnicell®, and AcuDose RX®

100% CFC Free
Environmentally friendly design without ozone-damaging chemicals

AccuCold ARG12PVDR Freezerless Refrigerator White, 1

Warranty listed is the manufactures warranty.